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This is a copy of the email that Beth Ragan has kindly volunteered to commit time to sending out to Rescues/Rehabbers (who may not have heard about the WCB yet) during the quieter winter months.  Beth will be writing the email from a central email address: ''.

We thought that it was be great to sign the names of all of the WCB Holders so far, so that effectively we are all inviting new WCB Holders to join the WCB community.  Can you please give your permission for Beth to use your name at the bottom of the email?


Dear “Insert Rescue Name”


I am writing to you on behalf of an exciting new initiative you may or may not have heard of, the Wildlife Care Badge.


As I am sure you are aware, with no formal wildlife rehab/rescue regulations, there are occasions where well intentioned, but inexperienced people try to help wildlife, leading to ethical, physical and mental stress to wildlife casualties.


The Wildlife Care Badge is about placing ‘animal rights’ at the heart of animal welfare efforts AND about putting specific emphasis on the rights of wildlife casualties.


This may all sound very scary and serious, but the badge aims to be a positive initiative, celebrating those individuals, teams or centres who can provide excellent care and providing support to those who aim to provide this. 


Benefits of the Wildlife Care Badge:


  • A celebration of the time, experience and dedication each rehabber/rescue has.

  • It’s free!

  • You’ll be part of an experienced network and community of rehabbers, rescue centres and veterinary professionals.

  • Exposure on the WCB social media/website.

  • Provision of support in the form of webinars, Q&As & shared resources.

  • Provision of a list of Volunteer Wildlife Transport Drivers (unique to your Rescue) to help reduce the pressure.


What is needed to achieve the WCB?


Passing a Knowledge Assessment - This assessment has been put together by wildlife veterinary professionals to ensure a basic but necessary understanding of subjects surrounding wildlife rescue/rehab.


A Vet Visit - This can be your vet or a vet arranged with us who will undertake an assessment of the premises the animals are kept in to ensure they are being kept in accordance with relevant animal care legislation.


Two Monthly Accountability Paper Work - All the badge requires ongoing is submission of admission details, an example hospital sheet and proof of vet relationship.  We believe this should only take 5 minutes every two months. 


Please visit the website, for more information or please do not hesitate to email me back for more information!


We would love to get to know you and see how we could work together.


Best wishes,


All of the WCB Holders (so far): 


Beth Ragan (RVN), Stephanie Knowles, Irene Thomson, Gill Dixon, Heather Todd, Jane Marriott, Fiona Quick, Lucy Steele, Kelly Brown (RVN), Sara Paul, Terence Newton Laheney, Becky Plummer, Melanie Limbrey (RVS), Sarah Liney, Sarah Cripps (RVS), Yvonne Dunning, Ann Day, Sue & Rob Niven, Julie Moore, Amy Ducker, Emma Underwood, Harriet Childs.

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