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An exciting new collaboration and 'think tank' to bring together research and practice towards improved wellbeing for all within wildlife care...

The WCB is delighted to announce the launch of a new hub to unite wildlife rehabbers and researchers, to enable improved wellbeing for all within wildlife care...  We're just getting going, and it will be a work in progress over the next few months. 


This is a new collaboration called the 'Wild Affinity Network'; designed to enable WCB Holders to connect with researchers to unite their complementary skill sets, knowledge and experience.


The high-level goals are:


- Create continuous improvement in the care and welfare of wildlife in rehabilitation. 

- Empower and validate small-scale rescue rehabilitation (celebrating the high welfare work of WCB Holders in home based rescue, as well as our WCB Holders running centres). 

- Enable greater wellbeing among those who work in wildlife care.  

- Contribute towards a wider improvement of the collective wellbeing of humans and other animals. 


Core themes:


  • Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release: Defining Professional Best Practice.

  • Collaboration in Wildlife Care: Bridging the Gaps.

  • Wildlife Rescue: Supporting Responsible Decision-Making.

  • Creating an Effective Self-Regulation System in Wildlife Rescue.

  • Wellbeing of Wildlife Carers.

  • Beyond Rehabilitation: Urban Wellbeing through a Multi-Species Lens.  




More to come soon....

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