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Kevin from Humane Wildlife Solutions has started creating this invaluable set of 'Predator Proofing Advice' Templates, to help Wildlife Rescues & Vet Practices best know how to successfully predator proof their enclosures.

Each template is a page with info and diagram(s).

The first template that Kevin has created is how to rodent proof an enclosure (you can buy this template using the button below).

The remaining templates to be made are for the following predators: Foxes, Magpies & Mink.

Each template is only £3 and thanks to Kevin's generosity, £1 from each sale will help to fund the WCB (all of our running costs, like the Knowledge Assessment software, Zoom and our website & email).

You can purchase the first template by using the button below.  The template will be emailed over within a maximum of 24 hours (or it may be as quick as within an hour).

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