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WCB Progress Report (Sept. 2023)...



Since launching in February 2022…

We’ve been working - our focus has always been - on enabling the well being of Wildlife Carers (Rescuers & Vets) and wildlife alike.

Essentially, at the heart of what we’re doing, we’re creating a ‘Wildlife Rescuers Map/Directory’ that features proven, high welfare Rescues, for Vets & members of the public to confidently pass wildlife to:

[As we’re only just getting started, if someone isn’t on the map, it doesn’t mean they’re not brilliant, it just means that they haven’t got the WCB yet, that’s all.]

Part of developing this map involves considering a few undeniable factors/aspects of the Wildlife Rescue Industry….

So…. The WCB is not only developing this map but also playing our part in developing a supportive community or network to further enable Rehabbers to do their incredible and important work, or improve standards if needed. That involves helping Rehabbers to have supportive working relationships with Vets, running Compassion Fatigue Sessions, running free CPD Sessions and setting up new Rehabbers with experienced Rehabbers and even Wildlife Vets, for mentoring and support.

I’ll leave it there as you can find out some more thorough details that are on the website already of our progress - - and of the CPD sessions we have already run:


Finally, we who run the WCB just wanted to give a quick idea on what we have planned for the future…

  • We are almost finished in our development of a Bat specific Badge.

  • We are lining up new CPD events (free) on a range to subjects, supporting both Vet Professionals and Rehabbers in wildlife care & logistics.

  • We have quite a few new Badge Holders who started off the process before baby season hit and who are now taking the last steps in getting their badge.

  • We are introducing, thanks to a brilliant idea from Lucy Steele, more support to help Badge Holders with their accountability requirements, in the form of a booklet that is sent to Badge Holders, for them to use.

  • We have begun new regular blog posts, that will feature ‘Advice & Tips’ as well as answering any questions about the WCB that people might have as they find out about us.

  • We are continuing our Compassion Fatigue Sessions (free). These are every Wednesday & Sunday evening if you want to attend up until November 2023 (and then they will start again in 2024):

  • We are holding more ‘open meetings’ for people to keep finding out about the WCB and so that any questions can be asked: these will be held every 3 months. Transparency and accessibility are very important to us: everyone has the right to make up their own, informed, minds about the WCB.

  • Finally…. We are also creating a new form on the WCB website where anyone will be able to request an open meeting sooner, on a particular topic that they urgently want to discuss. We can’t guarantee who will be available to answer questions at each open meeting (it may just be one of us) but we will always make at least one of us available to answer urgent questions and feed any questions to other WCB Organisers when required, for them to supply written answers.


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