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I feel so lucky to have been given the permission to share and make available these resources (created BY wildlife experienced Vets, FOR Vets Practices across the UK) to help Vets Practices to more quickly and easily treat wildlife casualties that get brought into them by members of the public, before they are transported on to local Wildlife Rescues for longer term rehabilitation.


The Wildlife Care Badge was born out of my working with Wildlife Rescues and Vets across the UK through UK Wildlife Transporters.  I am aware that Vets Practices are finding themselves inundated with wildlife casualties by members of the public, who often drop them off without warning: I have also spoken to a number of Vets and Vet Nurses who have told me that they would like to know more about helping wildlife casualties, as only 1% of Vet professionals leave Vet school with wildlife training.  


When I spoke about this and asked for advice from Vet professionals who also specialise in rehabilitating wildlife casualties, I found out that some of them had created bespoke guides, to help Vets across the country to feel more confident and comfortable in offering medical care to wildlife casualties.  As such, I have created this ‘Vet Wildlife Support Package’.


The ‘Vet Wildlife Support Package’ is made up of…


A. A pdf guide from Vet Nurse, Beth Ragan (also co-founder of Feline & Wildlife Rescue) on how to treat birds within a Vet Practice.

B. A pdf guide from Hedgehog Helpline Founder Vet, Graham, on treating Hedgehogs in Vets Practices.

C. A collection of videos created by Born Free and Secret World (created by Vets, for Vets) to help Vets treat all species of wildlife casualties within Vet Practices.


If you are a Vet professional or Vet Practice who would like this free package, please click on the button to fill in a quick form and it will be emailed over to you.


If you would also find it useful to have a list of Volunteer Drivers in your area who could pick up a wildlife casualty from you, to transport it onto a Wildlife Rescue for longer term rehabilitation (recruited, equipped and with fuel costs funded by UK Wildlife Transporters) please also let us know in the form.  UKWT offers this as a free service for Vets across the UK.

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