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This is a group for Vet Professionals to self create a formal, friendly national/regional network(s) so that the more wildlife experienced Vet Professionals in the network can be accessible and available to offer advice (either urgent or general) to those who would benefit from support, when wildlife casualties are dropped into Practices.


FAWR in Nottingham have set up a regional network where the more wildlife experienced Vet Professionals are on hand to offer remote advice to the staff at less wildlife experienced Vet Practices, so that local wildlife are helped as much as possible in the area (and so that everyone also feels supported in their wildlife efforts).


At a recent WCB brainstorming session between Vets & Wildlife Rehabbers, it was wondered whether this could be a template that can be replicated regionally and even nationally, with Vet Professionals being members of a self supporting network to help them to treat wildlife?


This group is to invite any Vet Professionals who are interested in seeing if such a national network (or regional networks) would be possible to set up to help everyone and what it might look like and how it might run.


There will be monthly meetings / twice monthly meetings (depending on how often group members want to meet) on Zoom on weekday evenings.  If you sign up using the button (that will take you to a google form) below, you'll be sent a Zoom link for the meeting.  If lots of Vet Professionals join, we will set up a private Facebook Group so that it is easier for everyone to communicate without having to wait for WCB to organise meetings.


Tuesday 7th February, 20:30 (for 1 hour) - To try and get prepared (even in some small ways) for baby season.

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