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We’re really excited to announce this open online meeting, inviting everyone to come and find out all about the WCB and what we stand for, what we’ve been up to and what our future plans are...


Since our launch in February 2022, launching and running the WCB has been a very unique experience.  Those of us who played a big part in the development and launch of the WCB have found ourselves at the centre of UK wide support and part of a growing community of Wildlife Professionals across the UK, who want to see every Wildlife Rescue and Rescuer offering a high standard of medical/rehabilitative care, to wildlife casualties/orphans.


As with any new venture that has the potential to impact lots of lives, it has taken time for Wildlife Professionals across the UK to find out about the WCB and get used to the idea of us being around and to learn to trust us.


Since our launch there’s been ups and downs but recently there’s been lots of ‘ups’ and as a result of these ‘ups’ we - those of us who run/manage the WCB - think that it’s time to properly and officially (now that we are significantly more established) invite everyone who loves wildlife as much as us, across the UK, to come and find out even more about us and chat to us and ask us any questions that might help them to take the step to be involved in our efforts.


Our ‘open meeting’ will start at 20:30 on the evening of 19th September 2023, on Zoom, for one hour...


There’ll be a few people speaking for 5 minutes each.  Each person will be talking from their own very unique, niche viewpoint (so no one will be repeating the same information).  We will all be touching on…  1. Why we each felt the WCB was needed.  2. How we were involved in developing it.  3. What it stands for, to us.  4. What we hope the WCB will achieve, for wildlife, as we grow.




- Lucy Steele - Wild Things Founder and also the Chair Person for this meeting - Providing her opinions on the WCB as a Rehabber who has been a Home Rehabber and who has also now established a Wildlife Centre with staff and volunteers.


Alana Hurd - Founder of Wildscaping Worldwide & UK Wildlife Transporters - Providing an ‘outsider’s’ overview of the WCB.


- Emily Elliott - Providing her opinions on the WCB as a long term Wildlife Rehabber and Supervising Rehabber at a large RSPCA Wildlife Centre (representing herself, not the RSPCA).


- Beth Ragan - Providing her opinions on the WCB as a Vet Nurse and Wildlife Rehabber, particularly specialising in Birds.


- Ashley Dale - Providing her opinions on the WCB as an Ecologist & as a Bat Specialist Rehabber (and as part developer of the WCB Bat Badge).


- (Heidi Hargreaves) - We are very hopeful that Heidi - Wildlife Vet - will be able to speak at this meeting but there is a chance that Heidi will be busy with other wildlife work, in which case Alana will share Heidi’s thoughts on her behalf and also chat about Heidi’s role as part developer of the WCB Bat Badge.


Our hope is that this meeting will be our next launching pad to grow the WCB as quickly as possible, to ensure wildlife rights (their rights to at least a minimum level of medical/rehabilitative care, when taken in by a Rescuer) ASAP.


We really look forward to seeing you at the meeting, if you can make it.  Just click on the button below to fill your name and email address into a google form for us to send you the zoom link for the meeting.

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