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We at the WCB have been doing our best to personally cover the costs to get up and running (we have been covering them out of our own pocket for a year now).  As we grow - and as we are all putting in more & more hours to keep us growing - we would be incredibly grateful to receive any donations to help us to cover our ongoing costs.  Our running costs are...

Dropbox (£25 a month)

Zoom (£15 a month)

Exam software (£20 a month)

Website (£18.00 a month)

Email (£7.20 a month)

Phone contributions (around £30 a month)

Google Storage (£2 a month)

Map (£14.90 a month)

[There's been on/off technical issues at Paypal's end with the Paypal 'Donate' button so if it is not working, please - if you have a Paypal account - send the donation to and choose 'Friends & Family' so that we don't lose out in payment fees (and because Paypal have started freezing any income from 'Goods & Services' for 21 days so it means that if you send money under 'Goods & Services' Paypal won't let us have the money for 21 days).  Apologies for the inconvenience - it's ridiculous - but Paypal seem to be changing all of their security at the moment and it is causing us unnecessary admin.]

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