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A Realistic Release Rate...

Did you know that a realistic release rate for an adult wildlife casualty is 30-40%?

This might sound low but actually it's really good! To understand why it's good, you need to understand the reasons wild animals come into care.

Juvenile animals may come into care for a number of reasons but many are completely unharmed as they are either genuinely orphaned or a perceived orphan. This means the rehabber needs to rear and release them. While this is no easy task, they may not need to battle with illness, injury or disease, which means there's a higher success rate.

Adult animals, however, are nearly always injured or unwell when they come into care. They know to be afraid of humans so for them to have been captured, they must have been feeling fairly rough! Often adult animals come into care days after they are originally injured or after being ill for a while. This means we have a much lower chance of saving them.


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